Ultrafiltration (UF) Systems

Ultrafiltration is used in the treatment of drinking water, process water, sea water and waste water. The membrane provides a secure barrier against suspended solids, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms and supplies a consistently high level of filtrate quality, even in cases where the composition of the original water varies.

Automated Ultrafiltration Systems

Automated Ultrafiltration Systems

Aquastream Water Solutions now offers the German made Seccua range of small scale automated Ultrafiltration packages. Easy to install and inexpensive to operate, these systems run fully automatically and are easy to maintain.

Some features:

  • Intelligent Control System measures the water quality and activates rinsing processes and cleaning automatically.
  • Packaged Product - These units are ready to use with minimal installation time and costs
  • Cleaning in Place (CIP) - these packages constantly measure and test the UF Modules and automatically activate backwashing and chemical enhanced cleaning.

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Ultrafiltration (UF) Systems

Ultrafiltration UF Systems

We offer a wide range of UF Packages incorporating the renouned Inge Watertechnologies Modules and Racks. These modules are compact in design and offer a range of options from 1,0m²  to 60,0 m² . These modules are easily expandable and offer huge space savings!

As all applications are unique, please call our team of experienced consultants on - 1800 446 500

We provide our clients with complete solutions:

  • Preliminary feasibility tests
  • Process optimisation and design
  • Detailed engineering
  • Manufacturing and final testing
  • On-site commissioning
  • Client training and after-sales service and maintenance