Greywater Treatment Plant

Grey Water Treatment Plant

Aquastream's packaged Barrier Grey Water Treatment systems are recognised for their simplistic design, yet incorporating advanced treatment processes including Ultrafiltration which ensure Log reduction of pathogens and virus in grey water reuse systems.

Standard Specifications (Modular Plant)

  • Minimum >7LRV MS2 Phage Virus removal
  • Strainer for Hair Capture
  • Bio-bead Biological aerobic treatment vessel
  • Inline particle Flocculation dosing & Mixing
  • Slimline clarifier with sediment dump valve
  • Single Layer Depth Filtration with 26m2/g negative charge medi
  • CEB automatic membrane cleaning with backwash faculty of 230L/m2/h
  • HMI control display
  • Direct online pressure decay membrane integrity testing
  • USEPA Validated BARRIER Ultra Filtration membrane with high surface area for minimised power consumption
  • USEPA UV Healthshield SV50 UV Unit / NSF available
  • Online pH/Turbidity Monitor with Alarm Outputs (flow cell)
  • Automated Chlorination Station including online Free
  • Chlorine Flow Cell Sensor with PID Control
  • Control Panel with Alarm/Run Indicators, level sensing,
  • Emergency Stops
  • Sample ports

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