Media Filtration Systems & Components

Aquastream offers complete media filtration packages for a wide range of applications. Commonly used to remove bulk solids from water, media filtration is used to reduce particulate matter in water supplies, remove oxidised iron & magnesium, tertiary effluent polishing, pH correction, bore water, surface water and other applications.

With a range of medias for varied applications, Aquastream design engineers are trained in all facets of filtration applications. From initial costings and layouts, P&ID specification and right through the installation & Commissioning phases, we assist engineers and end users achieve stringent water quality targets efficiently and cost-effectively.

Some features include:

  • FRP or Steel Media Vessels - Standard or custom manufactured
  • Quality internal distributions systems
  • Underbed Gravels and Medias
  • Top Mount, Side Mount or External Valving
  • No-Untreated-Water-Bypass options
  • Single, Twin, Triplex or Multiple-Array systems
  • Customisable Regeneration/Backwashing Cycles


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Carbon Filtration Systems

Sediment Filtration System

Why Carbon?

The primary functions of activated carbon are the removal of chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorinated hydrocarbons and organic impurities.

Aquastream Water Solutions can help you size your system, supply you with the right Valve and Vessel in kit form and can also offer assembly and installation if required.

Chose from timer based regeneration to fully automatic regeneration which eliminates the need for regular servicing and there are no filter cartridges to replace.


  • High flow rates
  • Excellent sediment / chemical reduction capacity
  • Automatic regeneration standard on most models
  • Any design configuration
  • Long service life
  • No regular maintenance required

Low Cost Chemical Removal

Sediment Filtration Systems

Sediment Filtration System

Many Water Treatment processes rely on media filtration to remove solids from the  water.

Our team at Aquastream can help you design, size, manufacture and assemble the right system for your application. Whether single or multi-vessel design, small or large, we have the ability to deliver the right product.

We can also help you with pump sizing, post and pre-treatment knowledge and other information


  • Excellent sediment/particulate reduction
  • Automatic regeneration - Timer or Flow activation
  • Any design configuration
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance

For removal of suspended solids under 5 Micron

Iron Removal Systems

mediafiltration-package iron removal system

Iron Removal Systems are designed to reduce the level of iron, manganese, hydrogen and sediment through an ion exchange process. Iron levels up to 28ppm are treatable.

These systems are available with 3/4" up to 6"connections with manual, semi auto and fully automatic regeneration clocks. Enjoy the benefits of water free from rust, stains and metallic tastes.

Suitable for whole of house filtration and commercial & industrial applications.

Valves and Accessories

Valves are used in conjunction with FRP Vessel filtration systems including Multi-media Filters and Softeners and De-ionisers. These valves direct the flow of water through the filter system to provide backwashing of the media.

Aquastream stocks a large range of Autotrol and Fleck valves.

These valves can be mounted on top of the vessel and also side mounted where space is an issue. We can help you choose the correct valve for your application and supply you with all the accessories to suit. Please call 1800 446 500 to speak to one of our trained staff.

Autotrol Valves

Autotrol Valves

Autotrol Valves are one of the leading brands on the market.  These valves are suitable for use in many water treatment applications including Media Filtration, Softening systems, de-ionising systems and more....

Options include Timer Activated Backwash, Flow Activated Backwash, Softener and filter cycles, operator programable Logix Controllers for customised backwash options.

Please call one of our staff for help in selecting the correct valce or accessories on 1800 446 500

Carbon Media

Loose Carbon Media

Supplied in 25 kg bags, this range of activated carbon is one of the only low-cost methods of removing low-molecular weight organic compounds. This Carbon is intended for general chlorine and organic removal.


  • Excellent sediment / chemical reduction capacity
  • Long service life

As all applications are unique, please call our team of experienced consultants on - 1800 446 500

Low Cost Chlorine Reduction

nextSand™ Media

A revolution in filtration performance and operating economy.

nextSand™ is a remarkable advance in media filtration technology. Based on a rare natural mineral that is highly processed and refined, nextSand™unique properties allow it to radically alter the performance and cost of media filtration. The hardness, stability and micro-porous character of nextsand™ makes it a perfect filtration media for virtually every application in the water and wastewater treatment industry


  • High Filtration performance - 3-5 micron removal
  • Excellent capacity filtration throughout the entire nextsand bed depth provides more than twice the capacity of multimedia filtration.
  • Long service life - 5 years plus
  • Simple periodic backwashing required to keep media clean

Advanced Tubidity and Suspended Solids Reduction

AFM Glass Media

AFM Glass Media

What is AFM?

AFM is an Activated Filter Media, manufactured and activated by Dryden Aqua under ISO procedures to have a high negative Zeta potential and catalytic self-sterilising properties. AFM is manufactured from reprocessed glass, but it is not a basic crushed glass filter media. AFM is a highly processed product which has been tested by independent UK Government laboratories and the water industry and has been certified as safe to use for all water filtration applications. FIlter sand has by-passed the regulations because it was in use before the regulations were in place. However man-made filtration products are not exempt, and AFM is the only filtration media that is in compliance with the regulations and is safe to use for applications such as drinking water, swimming pools and aquaria. A basic crushed glass product does not have the surface active properties, there will be a hydraulic lense effect which leads to channelling, there are also serious health implications for the public and contractors from using a basic crushed glass product.

How it works?

The surface of AFM exhibits catalytic activity in the presence of oxygen. A proportion of the dissolved oxygen molecules are disassociated on the surface of AFM which increases the oxidation potential of the media. The surface of AFM is therefore is self-sterilising. The zeta potential generates a high charge density, which attracts positively charged particles, but at the same time the slip zone prevents the particles from reaching the surface of the media. AFM therefore attracts solids, and holds on to them, but they are prevented from bonding to the surface. The self cleaning properties mean that the media is just as effective in treating waste water such as sewage effluent as it is in treating clean water because the media does not become biofouled.

Why Use AFM?

• Up to 80% better performance than sand
• Self sterilizing does not become biofouled
• Almost eliminate trichloramine and THM`s
• Effective barrier against cryptosporidium
• Reduce Legionella and MRSA  levels
• Excellent for iron and manganese removal
• Lowers DOC (dissolved organic carbon)
• Arsenic removal when combined with NoPhos
• Can remove some toxic prescribed substances
• 70% saving of back-wash water
• Reduce pumping costs (lower delta P)
• 100% environmentally sustainable
• Filter performance is stable and predictable

Up to 80% better performance than sand