Undersink Boiling & Chilled

Our popular undersink boiling & chilled systems are the solution to all your drinking water needs. Instant boiling water for teas, coffees & soups. Instant chilled water to replace expensive bottled water in the workplace. All from the same stylish tap.


  • Compact space saving design
  • Instant filtered boiling water on tap
  • Instant chilled filtered water on tap
  • No wasted bench space

Billi Quadra Boiling & Chilled Water Systems

Futuristic in design yet timeless in styling, Billi’s instant boiling and chilled filtered water units are ideal for most commercial applications. Instant boiling and chilled filtered water on demand for the whole office or factory.

Pumping and Chlorination Package–Reedy Creek QLD

Quadra - Boiling & Chilled
Sahara – Boiling & Ambient
Alpine – Chilled Only
Quadra Plus – Boiling & Chilled & Hot


  • Elegant and functional
  • Space saving design
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Programmable timer
  • No cupboard ventilation required
  • Advanced filtration for great tasting water
  • Leak-guard detection system
  • Replaces the lunchroom kettle
  • Genuine Billi filter cartridges in stock right now

The ultimate drinking water appliance for progressive businesses

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Zip HydroTap Boiling & Chilled Water Systems

Zip New G4

The Zip HydroTap is a proven performer in business and organisations across Australia.

Quicker tea, quicker coffee, quicker cold drinks – the Zip HydroTap makes life easier in your office or factory.


Popular Models

  • HT1764  -  100 Cups Boiling, 75 Glasses Chilled (Suits up to 20 People)
  • HT1703  -  160 Cups Boiling, 125 Glasses Chilled (Up to 40 people)
  • HT1704 -   160 Cups Boiling, 175 Glasses Chilled (Suits Up to 60 People)
  • HT1705  -  240 Cups Boiling, 175 Glasses Chilled (Suits up to 100 People)


  • Simple and smart
  • Fits neatly under the bench
  • Air-cooled to save water
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Programmable timer saves power
  • Healthy sub-micron filtration
  • 100% Australian made
  • Replaces the lunchroom watercooler and kettle
  • Genuine Zip filter cartridges in stock Instant hot and cold drinks right now

Instant hot and cold drinks

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