Birko Service & Maintenance

Repairs and Maintenance for Birko Drinking Water Systems – Servicing the Darling Downs Region

Birko is an Australian manufacturer that has been producing heating appliances for over 50 years. They supply a broad range of equipment for the commercial catering industry. Aquastream proudly supports the Birko brand by offering premium service and support on all Birko drinking water products.

The Birko range includes undersink boiling water units, undersink chilled water units, and the boiling and chilling functions are combined in a single appliance with the Birko Twin Temp.

Birko also offers their wall mounted instant boiling water unit, Birko Tempo Tronic. If your existing Tempo Tronic needs replacing we can assist you with a new appliance.

Birko Service and Maintenance 2

Birko Service and Maintenance 1