Bag Filtration

For years, filter bags have been used as the most economic method of removing bulk particulate. With such traditional applications still demanding consistent performance and an increase in process of a more critical nature, Aquasteam offers a comprehensive range of housings and filter bags.

See below for some popular Polypropylene and Stainless Steel housings


polypropylen bag filterX100 Polypropylene Bag Filter

The X100 Bag Filter Housing is a versatile, compact and robust system. Designed for use in water treatment, waste-water treatment and industrial  applications the X100 Bag Filter provides an excellent, low-cost alternative to other housings.

Manufactured from polypropylene with a UV inhibitor for all-weather durability, X100 housings are strong, lightweight and economical.

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Cost-Effective Particulate Reduction

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Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housing


Built for Commercial Applications with a range of ratings available from 2-250 Microns, Polypropylene Bags are a cost effective way to remove solids, sediment, silt and other particulates in water treatment applications.

Manufactured from high quality Gr304 or Gr316 (Optional) Stainless Steel with threaded or flanged connections, these housings can be easily adapted to many applications.

 Multi-Bag Filter Housings are also available with flow rates from 90m3-1050m3 applications.Utilizing the universal No.2 Bag size, replacement elements can be procured easily in any part of the world, allowing effortless exporting of OEM equipment

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Robust Particulate Reduction