Softening Systems

Water softeners solve many of the problems associated with hard water, such as scale build-up. Scale causes damage to appliances such as boilers and combi-ovens, and also leaves visible scale markings on tapware, glassware and shower screens.

Our quality water softeners remove hardness ions such as calcium and magnesium from the water, resulting in soft filtered water for a wide range of applications.

Commercial Water Softeners

Commercial Water Softeners

Many industrial applications such as steam boiler feed water, reverse osmosis pretreatment and bore water systems require water softening to prevent scaling.

Aquastream application engineers are fully competent in accurately calculating your requirements and designing a suitable package for your application. From smaller single tank systems to large, multi-tank configurations with alternating, parallel or staged regeneration designs. 

Utilising quality components from trusted brands such as Fleck, Autotrol and Clack, we ensure our systems quality and operation. 


  • Complete design, supply & installation packages
  • Many design configuration options
  • Vessel sizes to suit any flow rate
  • Quality components procured from trusted suppliers
  • Service & maintenance contracts available

Commercial Boiler Application Specialists

Quality Water Softening Salt

We stock quality water softening salt for your water softener.

  • Premium quality
  • Available in 25Kg bags
  • Available in pallet quantities - 48 x 25Kg
  • Delivered to your door