UV Sterilisers & Components

Aquastream Water Solutions stocks a range of Ultraviolet Sterilisers & Components for a range of applications and flow rates.

UV Sterilisation is an extremely effective and safe method for disinfecting harmful micro-organisms. We have a wide range of UV sterilisers available for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Replacement Lamps
Aquastream stocks a wide range of replacement germicidal lamps for many brands including Sterilight, Wyckomar, Davey, Wonder, Aquapro, Luminor, Puretec and more.

Quartz Sleeves & Thimbles
The Sleeve or thimble in your UV system may require periodic replacement due to mineral fouling. In many cases, mineral deposits such as limescale and iron can be removed from the sleeve by cleaning it with a scale remover such as CLR (Visit your local Bunnings or Masters Warehouse).

Aquastream stocks a wide range of sleeves to suit many brands. If you dont know the brand or model of your UV steriliser, dont worry, all we need is the Diameter and Length of your sleeve or thimble and we can provide an exact equivalent.

Controllers (Ballasts)
Every UV disinfection system has a controller or ballast which is used to start and power the lamp. Controllers are often damaged by ingress of water into the casing from rain or cleaning operations. It is important to regularly check that your UV Lamp is operational in order to protect you from harmful bacteria in your water supply. Many UV systems have a viewing port for the operator to confirm that the lamp is glowing. Always protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays as they can permanently damage your vision

Any questions, call our team on 1800 446 500, we would love to hear from you........

Sterilight UV Systems

Sterilight UV systems

Our Sterilight UV range has a built-in hour counter to accurately monitor the life of the UV lamp.

Our Silver range has systems for flows from 4L/min to 90L/min and our Platinum range for flows from 57L/min to 196L/min


  • Safe water without chemicals
  • Up to 99.9% disinfection rate on harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and cysts
  • Adjustable mounting brackets
  • Lamp failure alarm on most models
  • Replacement lamps and accessories available for most brands

Safe, Chemical-less Disinfection


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Wyckomar UV Systems


Wycomar UV Sterilisers are robust, high flow units with excellent qualities and features.

Wyckomar UV Systems cater for flows of 90L/min up to 300L/min

Advantages of Wyckomar UV Sterilization

  • Robust quality – made in Canada to strict quality control, chosen for demanding industrial applications
  • Competitive– these units represent Excellent Value when comparing quality, reliability and replacement spare parts
  • Easy to install, service and maintain.

Safe, Chemical-less Disinfection



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