Dental & Medical High Purity Water Systems

Med Dental Water

Aquastream delivers complete water purification systems for Dental and CSSD (Central Sterilisation & Supply Department) departments in hospitals, medical centres and dental practices.

With over 12 Years in this field, our team of qualified consultants work tirelessly to deliver a complete water solution for your high purity water requirements.

Whether you require deionised water for a single steriliser or autoclave, or if you are fitting out a large scale sterilisation department, we have the expertise and equipment for your project.


Some benefits of working with Aquastream:

  • Knowledge - We are water professionals with many years of hands on experience in this industry
  • Design/Construct/Install/Service - We deliver a complete project or can offer supply only packages
  • Small or Large - No mater whether you have a small dental surgery or a larger hospital application, our experience in both areas is vast
  • Importers & Manufacturers - We deliver cost effective solutions due to our direct import and manufacture capabilities
  • Service & Support - You are safe with us, we not only supply and install your new fitout, we offer ongoing service maintenance agreements


We are keen to become part of your team today and look forward to hearing from you!

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Uniflow Compact Demineralizer

Producing up to 120 Litres of high-purity water per day



The Uniflow Compact supplies high-quality demineralised water for smaller dental practices in Australia.

Never before has it been so easy for practices to produce their own demineralized water from their own town water supply. Based on the cost-effective ion exchange treatment system, this system uses 

standard drop-in 

replacement cartridges that can be replaced on-site by your existing staff saving time and money every day.

Uniflow Compact systems can be connected directly to your chairs, autoclaves, washup basins and jug-filling points across the surgery. with its compact footprint, this system can be installed in any cupboard or wall area.

This system will produce approximately 120 Litres of high-purity water with every set of cartridges (Based on average water quality in Australian capital cities)


Uniflow Compact Facts & Figures

Housing (W x D x H):                  450 x 250 x 350
Weight (Filled):                            2.4 Kg
Water Quality Produced:              1 - 5 Micro Siemens
Yield per cartridge set:                120 L  (Based on Feed Water Quality of 600 Micro Siemens)
Replacement Cartridge Set:         FCS-1025-MB2              

For help on your particular application, please call our friendly team on 1800 446 500

The inexpensive ion exchange dental water system

Uniflow Logic Demineralisers

Producing up to 350L of High-Purity Water

The Uniflow Logic range is suited to the average practice with 2-3 autoclave sterilizers and will produce up to 350 Litres of high quality pure water every day.

Uniflow Light Commercial Demineralizer

Utilizing environmentally-friendly reverse osmosis method of treatment, this compact system provides  high-purity water with very low staff time required for servicing.

Uniflow Logic systems store pure water inside a sterile pressure tank and can be plumbed directly to autoclaves, washers, chairs and taps for automatic filling of equipment.

Attention Designers: Aquastream assists dental fitout specialists with quality polypropylene and stainless steel pipe and valve systems for plumbing of high-purity water throughout the surgery.

Please browse down this page to see more information on Pipe Systems and Storage Tanks

 Uniflow Light-Commercial Facts & Figures

Housing (W x D x H):                   450 x 450 x 175
Weight (Filled):                            3.7 Kg
Water Quality Produced:              1 - 5 Micro Siemens
Outlet Pressure:                           250 kPa Pressurized Storage
Yield per Day:                              350-400 L  
Model Number:                             FRS-3D-300         


For help on your particular application, please call our friendly team on 1800 446 500

Utilising Environmentally Friendly Reverse Osmosis Technology