Zip HydroTap – Boiling Only Systems


No waiting for water to boil!
Costs less than 12 cents a day for the convenience of instant boiling water at the touch of the lever.
Two energy saving electronic power options that will power the unit down to conserve money:

  • A 24/7 programmable clock that can be manually set
  • Sleep mode when there has been no activity for a 2 or 4hr preset time

Award-winning, contemporary design
Child-safety lock provides in-built safety
Boiling and filter system fits neatly out of sight under the bench top or sink


Based in Toowoomba, the business hub of the Darling Downs, Queensland, we service cities and towns from Warwick, Stanthorpe, Dalby, Gatton and Ipswich with next-day service for installations, repairs and maintenance for Zip Hydrotap boiling and chilled water systems.

Trusted by leading drinking water equipment brands such as Billi, Zip, Birko, Insinkerator and more, our teams of trained technicians are committed to providing a high level of service, seldom experienced anywhere in this region before!



Can be installed on virtually any bench top with the optional Tap Font Accessor


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Insinkerator Under-Sink Boiling Water Systems – Boiling Only

Insinkerator Under-Sink Water System-Boiling Only

These affordable under-sink boilers are becoming increasingly popular in office kitchens and lunchrooms.

Extremely compact, simple and reliable, more and more business are discovering the benefits of instant boiling water in the workplace.

GN1100 - Boiling Only – Filtered
H990 - Boiling Only – Non-Filtered


  • Compact space saving design
  • Instant boiling water on tap
  • Simple and reliable operation
  • Replaces the lunchroom kettle
  • Optional multi-stage filtration
  • Genuine Insinkerator filter cartridges in stock right now


Providing a complete solution from concept to installation to ongoing service and maintenance, our Toowoomba based on-road technicians service Cities and towns in South East Queensland from Toowoomba, Warwick, Stanthorpe, Dalby, Oakey, Gatton and Ipswich, often with next-day service.

Experience the benefit of working with trustworthy, authorised representatives and technicians who truly understand drinking water systems and provide an unparalleled maintenance service throughout the region.

Available Models:

HC1100    Boiling & Ambient Filtered Water System - Contemporary Goosneck Tap
GN1100    Boiling Only Filtered Water System 
H3300       Boiling Only Filtered Water System - Modern Curved Spout
HC3300     Boiling & Chilled Filtered Water System - Modern Curved Spout

Essential for businesses that cannot afford to waste time